It’s How I Got a Trembling Stomach

It’s a usual night in my usual life as a dormitory-guy (what the heck is this term). But, there was a slight difference. I just got a box full of M&M’s from one of my accompany. Yeay!!!

Yet, I was faced to a serious problem. Its expired date was due tomorrow, and I got it in the evening. Therefore, in children’s-poor-math-calculation, I had to finish all of it in matter of hours. And I was up for it, though.

In this post I made a graphical information which is chronologically arranged to show how I ended up stuck in restroom for some amount of period.








The missing of that last piece remained a mistery, and I was not in condition to worry about it. After all of that sweat, tear, and struggle, I found myself feeling a massive amount of pain in my tummy. It forced me, sent me straight to the rest room.

Lesson learned. I won’t do it, even when chances met again.

Well, that’s all I got for this story. Since this post is made with a high quantity of randomness, exaggerations and lies, I apologize beforehand for the incovenience you got for reading this.


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