The Dilemma of Knowing

The Dilemma of KnowingPeople, as social creatures, tend to care about others.
Expected from that nature, it’s essential for people to demand information to know each other even more. Hence knowing.
Unfortunately, the act of knowing isn’t respectively followed by the ability to do something about it.
This kind of situation will leave people in a helpless situation. Regardless the amount of information people get, they yet to create a difference. Hence the dilemma.
It forces people prefer staying ignorant. Keeping their thoughts sane by not knowing particular things they won’t be able to do about.

And NOW, it’s happening. Welcome to the information age, when the information is abundantly accessible yet no one seems to care. Doesn’t dare to care. Doesn’t dare to face the reality of powerlessness.

“Herşeyi bilmek iyi değil.” – M. Bahauddin Islamoğlu


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